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The Invention

The Company Lenohlahla Consulting, is an EME Company which was established in 2005 by Faith Hlahane. The Company is managed by Faith Hlahane as the Shareholder in the business. The mission of the Company is to be :

The Company of Choice for Companies seeking HR Solutions that provide Strategies that understand Business and People Dynamics.

Lenohlahla provides HR Interventions in Training, Recruitment, HR and IR Consultancy to increase Company Performance.

We are 100% Black owned and our Level BEE Contribution is currently on Level One.

We teach Companies to understand and master the fundamentals of HR.

We teach Companies to retain key performers through an ideal retention strategy.

We teach Change Management

We believe that HR Training is key to Personal Development and Organizational Development.


Mission Statement

To add value to your business by tailoring solutions that will assist you to stay ahead in your industry through providing the best services in all our areas of expertise.



Our vision is to make Sustainability a Reality through Leadership Development and Personal Development Seminars

The Leadership Development Programme in line with our clients expectations will be to

  • Facilitate learning, performance and goal achievement within personal and professional contexts
  • We will train the staff to enhance understanding of democratic processes for driving change and growth.
  • We will integrate theory and practice through personal reflection on action.
  • We will build communication, leadership and mentorship skills.
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