Our Experience

Lenohlahla has been involved in facilitating Recruitment and Leadership Training for various Public and Private Sectors as well as Organizations that face challenges in dynamic leadership and recruitment.
Lenohlahla’s strategy has been to drive change in Organizations through NQF Aligned Training that include Leadership, Conflict Management, Project Management, Asset Management, Labour Relations, Recruitment and Selection, Employment Equity, Skills Development, Financial Management and Customer Services Training.
The Company, has managed to improve the Organizational and Personal performance in Organizations for the past 3 years. 
We also understand the aim of most Companies is to enhance its capacity through recruitment and the training and development to meet its internal and external challenges in business.

HR Consultancy:

We provide HR Consulting Services in the areas of Labour Relations, Skills Audit, Performance Management, Employment Equity and Skills Development and Change Management. As a Company, we are able to run a Skills Audit in your Organization, provide a Skills Assessment Report and supply Recommendations in terms of Further Training. If an Organization needs development, we can do a thorough qualitative and quantitative assessment and provide a solution. We are experienced in HR Outsourcing for Companies who would like to manage HR as a fixed term project. We focus on HR Governance and Compliance.



Give your audience something to talk about with conferences and seminars that engage them. Our conference help your attendees become involved, remain attentive and freely participate so you can easily communicate your brand’s value. We engineer corporate events to connect with professionals, business people, the general public or a specific audience.

Our event planning skills create the right conditions for total involvement in corporate events, whether to educate, nurture discussion or get the information you need to better understand your market. We’ll supply your conference and seminar with professional staff and advise you on all aspects of event planning, including venue utilisation and maximisation.

And if you want something that makes your corporate event stand out, we can arrange passionate speakers, influential celebrities, or crowd-pleasing entertainment. Choose Lenohlala for exceptional conference and events planning.

  • Attendee Event Management
  • Event Registration Software
  • Seminar Planning
  • Conference and Events Planning

Our team looks at the category of clients we are servicing and deliver according to the specifications of the conference. We do the planning of the conference and in consultation with the client identify the scope. We will ensure that we get your prior approval of the content and methodology for the conference. We do this through providing samples of the content for the conference whereby you can make the final decision. We have a highly dedicated team of conference facilitators who offer training ranging from business development, leadership development and general customer relations. We are a professional company that is dedicated to the maintenance of good customer relations, building credibility and trust..

Our Range Of Conferences

Our specialist, conference offering is as follows:

  • We facilitate entrepreneurship conferences – where we encourage men and women to start up a business and make it succeed even in volatile circumstances.
  • Our enterprise development conference is based on 3 things
    1. How to market your brand
    2. How to make money
    3. How to sustain your business
  • We provide leadership development, coaching and mentoring
  • We raise leaders through empowerment tools that are provided during the training
  • Our tools are globally competitive
  • We focus on corporate managers, supervisors and ordinary people who are interested in being leading leaders. We believe that leadership interventions are key to sustaining small and big businesses
  • We monitor and evaluate the outcome of our training and ensure satisfactory results of our products
  • We will share our mentorship and coaching skills that will yield success
  • We manage and sustain relations by adding value to your business by recommending what will nourish your business and keep you ahead of competition


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