Lenohlahla Motivational Talks

Lenohlala has done a lot of motivational seminars particularly for private companies that wish for their employees to remain inspired. Our talks are based on what one wants to achieve. We believe that everyone is special and deserve a chance in life. We will address the situation and unpack it so that each delegate feels different and is inspired at the end. We focus on life coaching and challenges that face women. We understand the underlying challenges that have boxed and oppressed women.
Some of the issues are domestic and arise from social pressure.
We also teach young men how to build communities and fight abuse

We understand the underlying issues that have boxed women and oppressed them that some are domestic and some arise from social pressure. We have also done motivational talks for men who felt that their role as men has not been celebrated. We teach young man how to build communities and fight abuse.

We do motivational talks for men, women, the youth, the disadvantaged and people with disabilities. Our passion is in addressing the plight of women who have been abused, who do not have access to physiological needs and people who feel discouraged.

We believe that nothing is impossible for a man who has made up his mind that they will never be defeated. Category of events and conferences hosted

We also boast in our proven ability to train and develop the youth.  Statistics reveal that there are currently 3.3 million unemployed youth in SA. We have partnered with certain Organizations to create a platform of employment for the youth.

Youth Development Training 

We have embarked on an integrated training solution for youth empowerment. We also provide motivational talks to the youth.

We have hosted events such as “Girl Child You Are Precious”

We have provided remarkable work in events for women. “Woman You Are influential” was one of the best events showcased.

We do events in both urban and rural areas, in all 9 provinces of the country.

We ensure that our women’s day events are celebrated in style. From providing a seamless experience for our clients.

Our décor is personalised to your needs and we always give a theme that enhances who you are as a brand.

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